Our aim is not just to create another face in the crowd but to nurture each student into developing a personality which has the resolve to do the nation proud. Love, tolerance, brotherhood, humanism, patriotism, sensitivity to the environment, rationalism, courage to bear life's contingencies and to take up cudgels on behalf of the under privileged are the hallmarks of our students. L.F.S. endeavors to provide not just pedantic learning but a genuine and holistic education in a stress free environment where students inculcate a spirit of enquiry. We not only train them to find challenging careers but also to face the complexities of life.

We make constant and careful endeavours to:

  • Make the students aware of their dignity as Children of God.
  • Develop their intellectual, creative and aesthetic faculties.
  • Cultivate in them love and appreciation for their culture and traditions.
  • Train them to make correct use of their Judgment and will.
  • Inculcate in them a sense of value.
  • Foster in them social awareness.
  • Prepare them for future career and thus develop a well balanced personality for the good of the society and for the promotion of a better world, where love, fellowship and service prevail.