“A sound mind is in a sound Body”, says the wisdom of the ancients. Programmes of physical education have been determined to a considerable extend in social, political, economical and religious influences of their times. Whether it was gymnastic and nurturing of finer qualities of beauty and grace of Athens, Courage and military discipline of Sparta of Ancient Greece, to the martial art of China and Japan, Kalaripayattu and wrestling of India, all means to make a ‘fit’ body to contain a strong and beautiful mind and soul.

Eminent educationists have stressed the fundamental importance of physical activity and health instruction and the belief that there is a strong relationship between a sound body and a sound mind. Physical education is strictly speaking Education through physical activities, as the curricular studies are meant for sharpening the mind and intellectual faculties, the physical training forms a fit body for the mind and intellect to operate in.

Though our school is in the initial stage we have tried to provide physical education, game and sports to our students. Separate period for sports games and physical drill are allotted to every class. Games like foot-ball, volley ball, cricket, basket ball, badminton, kabbadi, and Kho – kho and various sports events are promoted. Besides the inter house annual sports and games competitions in the school, we participate in the inter-school competitions conducted by The Catholic Diocese of Gorakhpur Education Society.

Our students put up a courageous and impressive show in the inter-school games festival under the auspices of Gorakhpur Education Society .