A good library is a rich store house of learning. The invaluable riches wisdom stored from ancient times is easily accessible in a good library. People by and large avail this precious stores to satiate the unquenchable thirst of knowledge.

The role of the library in the context of the school can in no way be minimized. It opens up new vistas of reading and research and makes learning more effective, interesting, creative and useful. We have a good library with more than 3000 books at present. The rich collection of books include Dictionaries, Encyclopedia, Literature, religion, history, education, Geography, Science, and General Knowledge: News Papers, Magazines and Periodicals both in English and Hindi available in the reading room section. This includes a wide range of subjects ranging from competition to children’s magazine, political reflections to social activism.

Details of our Investment to enrich the library are attached.

[Students can see the available books in the library through online]